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Features of Ads:

Exclusive Ads for particular position on monthly basis

Ability to change any Ad material any time within Ad Contract Time

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Why Advertise with us?

Online Shoppers Time Spent minimum average of 30+ Minutes

Online Shoppers Clicks minimum average of 15+ Pages

Our Bounce Rate is less than 18%

Visitors are from India and World Wide Indians

How Engaged are Visitors to Daily Needs 247

Leaving the Website after visiting Only 1 Page Bounce Rate 17.70%
Average No. of Web Pages Visitor Clicks Daily Page Views 15
Average Time Visitor Spend on our Site Daily Time 30:28:00

How  Visitors reach on Daily Needs 247

Search Traffic Visit to Site Search Engines 17%
Upstream Sites After Google 18.30%
Upstream Sites After Amazon 2.50%

Backlinks for Daily Needs 247


Top Sites which refer back to Daily Needs 247

Total Sites 149
Top Site Name Global Rank  
Google 1  
Facebook 3  
Baidu 4  
Reddit 8  
Instagram 17  
Linkedin 28  
Twitter 36  
Pinterest 68  
Quora 119  
My Way 222  

Who Visits Daily Needs 247

Gender Male 75%
Gender Female 25%
Education No College 0%
Education Some College 10%
Education Graduate School 70%
Education College 20%
Browsing Location Home 20%
Browsing Location School 0%
Browsing Location Work 80%

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