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Whenever you eat a bit of chocolate, you might not need to feel so remorseful about it. Notwithstanding its terrible notoriety for causing weight pick up, various medical advantages might be related with this delectable treat.

Chocolate is produced using tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. Its soonest utilize goes back to the Olmec human progress in Mesoamerica.

After the European revelation of the Americas, chocolate turned out to be exceptionally well known in the more extensive world, and its request detonated.

Chocolate has since turned into a well known sustenance item that millions appreciate each day, on account of its extraordinary, rich, and sweet taste.

Be that as it may, what impact does eating chocolate have on our wellbeing?

Quick realities on chocolate

Here are some key focuses about chocolate. More detail is in the primary article.

Chocolate utilization has for quite some time been related with conditions, for example, diabetes, coronary illness, and hypertension.

Chocolate is accepted to contain elevated amounts of cell reinforcements.

A few examinations have proposed chocolate could bring down cholesterol levels and avoid memory decay.

Chocolate contains countless.

Individuals who are looking to lose or keep up weight ought to eat chocolate just with some restraint.

Grand health claims have been made about chocolate, but while it gives us pleasure, can it really be good for us?

Nic Fleming

Sun 25 Mar 2018 08.30 BST Last modified on Sun
Chocolate has been touted as a treatment for agitation, anaemia, angina and asthma. It has been said to awaken appetite and act as an aphrodisiac. You may have noticed we’re still on the letter A.

More accurately, and to avoid adding to considerable existing confusion, it is the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree that have, over hundreds of years, been linked to cures and therapies for more than 100 diseases and conditions. Their status as a cure-all dates back over 2,000 years, having spread from the Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs, via the Spanish conquistadors, into Europe from the 16th century.

The 19th century saw chocolate drinking become cheap enough to spread beyond the wealthy, the invention of solid chocolate and the development of milk chocolate. Later came the added sugar and fat content of today’s snack bars and Easter eggs, which time-travelling Aztecs would probably struggle to associate with what they called the food of the gods.

Recent years have seen chocolate undergo another transformation, this time at the hands of branding experts. Sales of milk chocolate are stagnating as consumers become more health-conscious. Manufacturers have responded with a growing range of premium products promoted with such words as organic, natural, cacao-rich and single-origin. The packets don’t say so, but the message we’re supposed to swallow is clear: this new, improved chocolate, especially if it is dark, is good for your health. Many people have swallowed the idea that it’s a “superfood”. Except it isn’t. So how has this magic trick-like metamorphosis been achieved?

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