Buy Cotton seed Milk Online

Buy Cotton seed Milk Online |

Buy Cotton seed Milk Online |


Cotton seed milk is one among the traditional and authentic drink of South Tamilnadu. I and my grandfa use to have this regularly during my vacations, because a vendor in cycle would bring this around 11 a.m and so I got tons of memories with this milk. When I talked about this to my friends, they were surprised – do people consume cotton seeds, since it’s consumed by cows.

This milk is packed with healthy stuffs and also tastes delicious and so it is called as triple nutrient drink. In Tuticorin, one could see people selling this in cycle around the streets in the morning, most commonly you could get this around factories by 11 a.m.

Health benefits of CottonSeed: It is recognized as a cost-effective “Triple-nutrient”, since it is rich in fiber, energy and protein. Let us move on to the recipe…



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