Buy Sivaji Brand Rice Online

Buy Sivaji Brand Online

Buy Sivaji Brand Online

Buy  Sivaji Brand Rice Online:

Different Types Of Quality Rice Varities Boiled Rice, Pooni Rice, Raw Rice,Steam Rice, Idly Rice ,Basmati Rice.

Sivaji Brand is  Best Quality in Rice Production .Many Peoples Love this Rice  And give Good Feed Back About Sivaji Band Rice.

No1 Quality Rice with worthable Price

Boiled rice

Boiled rice is a type of converted rice, it is boiled with the husk. Boiled rice 80% nutrients than brown rice. We lay adequate importance to make our range of rice products to cater the markets in India and abroad with highest quality standards and 100% customer satisfactions. We are strong the believer that only with best quality and customer satisfactions we can sustain in the market hence we wont compromise on it. All our products are produced from our renowned farms in Chennai & Aarani.

Pooni rice

Ponny Rice Is Clean And Pure. The Main Feature Of This Rice its Withstands Extended Shelf Life. It Relishes In Aroma, Given That A High Nutrition Value. It Can also be attributed For Its Low Glycemic Index Which Assists In The Control Of Obesity, Diabetes, & Cholesterol. It Is Cleaned And Packed At Our Hygienic Facilities in Chennai & Aarani.

Raw Rice

Raw rice is nutritious which contains high carbohydrate and best source of protein. It is finely processed to remove foreign grains, particles and other dusts. It is free from all artificial colours and doesn’t contains any adulterants. We always ensures and supplies 100% healthy and tasty rice. Our rice is pure and natural as it is strictly cultivated in our farms in Chennai & Aarani.

Steam Rice

Steamed rice is unpolished rice that is steamed directly along with the paddy. This type of rice gives good taste as well has fine cooking features. This type of rice is low on carbohydrates and hence is specifically recommended for diabetic patients. Steamed rice is also consumed by a large group of health conscious people. Sivaji Hitek Foods pvt ltd manufactures as well distributes best & high quality steamed rice.

Idly Rice

Idli Rice is a staple food consumed chiefly in varieties of food items across South India. The grain is short, finest quality rice is used in preparing delicious, tasty, soft and fluffy idli, paniyaram and dosai, which are the favourite food items in south India!

Basmati Rice

We have pride offer authentic Indian Basmati Rice, long grained rice with immense flavour and fragrance which gives the traditional taste when used in dishes such as Biriyani, Pulav & other Chinese rice dishes.

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