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Understanding Sugar 

The term ‘sugar’ more often than not alludes to what we know as table sugar – the kind of sugar that we use in heating or add to our tea or espresso. 

In Australia this kind of sugar originates from sugar stick. However, the sugar we see on the table is just a single kind of sugar that is discovered normally in an entire scope of nourishments. 

All ‘sugars’ are sugars and alongside starch is our body’s principle wellspring of vitality. We depend on sugar for vitality – be it for our brains, bodies or sensory system. Truth be told it has been a piece of our eating methodologies for a large number of years. Sugar is discovered normally in many sustenances like natural products, vegetables and drain and in addition being a fixing utilized as a part of an extensive variety of nourishments and beverages. 


All starches are produced using little building squares called basic sugars or monosaccharides. 


There are three primary monosaccharides that join to frame huge numbers of the diverse sorts of sugars or disaccharides found in normally in nourishments 

Glucose – this is the most critical of all as it is the type of sugar that is utilized by the body for vitality. Every other starch (counting different sugars) are changed over into glucose amid the absorption of nourishment. This is normally found in a few leafy foods and the nectar and sap of plants. 

Fructose – is otherwise called natural product sugar, and is the primary sugar found in organic products, berries, nectar, root vegetables and a few grains. 

Galactose – this monosaccharide is generally found in drain and yogurt. 


At the point when two building squares or monosaccharides combine they shape a disaccharide, the most well-known one is the thing that we know as sucrose or table sugar. 

Sucrose – this is the most widely recognized type of sugar and is typically acquired from sugar stick or sugar beet. It can likewise be found in a few products of the soil. 

Sucrose = 1 Glucose + 1 Fructose 

Lactose – this is the thing that we typically call drain sugar, since it is found in the entirety of vertebrates’ drain and dairy items. 

Lactose = 1 Glucose + 1 Galactose 

Maltose – is found in sprouting grains, for example, grain, and in malt or malted sustenances and drinks. It is frequently called malt sugar 

Maltose = 1 Glucose + 1 Glucose 


Aside from sugars, different kinds of starches are comprised of long chains of monosaccharides or disaccharides, all consolidated in various blends – that can frequently be exceptionally unpredictable – these are called polysaccharides. They ordinarily contain from 10 up to a few thousand monosaccharides masterminded in chains. The principle sorts of polysaccharides that you have most likely known about as of now are: Starch, cellulose, gelatin, gums and fiber. 

Starch – is presumably the most widely recognized of the polysaccharides and it is comprised of long chains of glucose. Starch is made by plants amid photosynthesis. It is available in oat grains (wheat, oats, rye, grain, buckwheat, rice, and so on.), potatoes and vegetables (beans, peas, lentils). 

Cellulose – is another long chain polysaccharide produced using numerous glucose building squares. We frequently discuss cellulose as dietary fiber or what we used to call “roughage” as the human body can’t separate it amid absorption. 

Gelatin – is a sort of fiber, discovered mostly in plant dividers, which gives natural product its structure and immovability. On the off chance that you’ve at any point attempted to influence stick or natural product to jam you will think about gelatin! Gelatin is discovered normally in foods grown from the ground, yet in differing sums, which is the reason a few jams set without included gelatin and others don’t. Organic products high in gelatin incorporate apples and generally citrus. Lower sums are found in berries, stone organic products, figs and rhubarb. 

Gums – ever pondered what agar, guar gum or thickener are? You may see these composed on some sustenance marks. Well they are what we call vegetable gums that are additionally polysaccharides and they are utilized principally as thickeners in nourishment. A few ocean growth are additionally brilliant wellsprings of gums and are normally called carrageenan and alginates. They are regularly utilized as a vegetable substitute for gelatin. 

Glycogen – is the put away from of glucose in the human body. The body stores enough glycogen in the liver, muscles and cerebrum to keep going for 24 hours. 


The greater part of us will have two or three distinct kinds of sugar in our home – not only the sugar bowl we use for tea and espresso! Asides from shading, what is the distinction between them, are some preferable for me over others or does it make a difference which one I use in my cooking? 


Otherwise called granulated sugar, table sugar or refined sugar. Is one of the world’s most perfect sustenances. It’s 99.9 for each penny sucrose, is basically the normally happening sugar from the sugar stick yet with all ‘contaminations, for example, mineral fiery remains and polyphenols totally evacuated. A significant multipurpose sugar utilized for heating, sprinkling, creaming and adding to hot beverages. 

Crude SUGAR 

Crude sugar has a somewhat darker shading contrasted with white sugar. This originates from the molasses that is left on the sugar precious stones. It is normally somewhat refined, holding 4% molasses. On account of this it has a marginally unique flavor too. Most usually, it is utilized as a part of espresso, preparing, chutneys or savors. The main distinction amongst this and espresso precious stones is the size. 

Dark colored SUGAR 

Dark colored sugar can come in a wide range of names and assortments. It can along these lines drop by various names, for example, light darker, dim dark colored, brilliant darker or brilliant yellow sugar. They are altogether just mixes of white sugar with various measures of molasses included. It can subsequently have a significant diverse taste contrasted with white sugar. The employments of dark colored sugar go from rolls, gingerbread, carrot cakes and mince tarts. 


Not ordinarily found in the home cooks kitchen, glucose powder is a white crystalline powder with a GI at the greatest of 100. It is the standard by which different starches are positioned. At 100, this implies glucose is quickly assimilated into the circulation system and empowers a quick insulin reaction.

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