7 Up 250 Ml Tin

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7 Up Soft Drink Lemon 250 Ml Can

Product description:

  • 7UP’s lemon refreshment picks you up and leaves you feeling upbeat. Its sparkling and crisp lemon and lime flavor keeps you positive against all odds.
  • Just the perfect drink for a country that’s simply unputdownable by its share of downswings and challenges.
  • We’re always upbeat about the present, and optimistic about our future. 7UP’s brand philosophy – I Feel Up – celebrates this irrepressible optimism.

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7 Up Soft Drink Lemon 250 Ml Can


  • The refreshing and bubbly feeling of 7Up on a hot day is like finding an oasis in a desert.
  • A market leader since the 1990’s, 7Up has created a niche for itself in the minds and hearts of the youngsters and the not so youngsters alike.
  • 7Up gives you the best of both worlds: the fizzy and bubbly nature of cold drink combined with the refreshing taste of lemon.
  • It is crisp and refreshing with no caffeine. Together these flavours combine to give you an instant feeling of freshness. Enjoy the fresh lime flavor and its unique taste.
  • Just one sip and your heart really goes ‘I FEEL UP !!!’
This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Crisp, lemony flavour
  • Instantly energizing
  • No added colour, no artificial flavouring, contains no fruit
  • Contains added flavour (natural flavouring substances)

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2 reviews for 7 Up 250 Ml Tin

  1. inbarasif2010

    7 Up Soft Drink – Lemon, 250 ml Can Beverages, Grocery, Soft Drinks is the best product

  2. Ramya Theagarajan

    7 Up Soft Drink – Lemon, 250 ml Can
    Very good taste

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