Aachi Ven Pongal Mix 200 Grams


Aachi Ven Pongal Mix 200g

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Aachi Ven Pongal is a very popular dish from South Indian cuisine. It serves as an ideal breakfast with an excellent combination of coconut chutney, vada & hot sambar. Next to idly, this is the very common dish often seen at South Indian Restaurants. Pongal is commonly referred to savory pudding made with beautiful combination of lentils and rice tempered with spices and nuts sauted in Hot Ghee. Aachi ven pongal mix is very easy to prepare and the taste is filling and yummy.

Cooking Directions:

In Pressure cooker add 6 tbsp. of ghee and add 200g of Aachi Ven Pongal Mix. Add 600 ml of water, mix the content properly and allow cooking upto 5 whistles. Serve Hot Ven Pongal with Chutney and sambar.

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