Boost 3X Stamina 500 Grams

  • Nourishing beverage that helps build stamina
  • Has nutrients which help in maintenance of optimal bone & muscle strength
  • Enriched with Envita Nutrients (Iron, Vitamin A, C, Folic Acid, B12 and B6)
  • Envita nutrients help transport oxygen more effectively in the body.

When taken along with a daily diet, Boost 3X Stamina Special Edition helps the children perform 3 times better as compared to others. Containing key micronutrients which are absolutely necessary for energy metabolism, this scientifically proven formula not only increases stamina but also nourishes children from within to do more. As boost plus is a delicious drink as well, you will not have to make any great effort to get your children to consume it. If anything you may have to always ensure that they have this tasty drink to consume, especially before and after their school and games.

Delicious cold boost
Delicious cold boost can be taken by adding 2-3 teaspoons (20g) of boost to a little warm milk. Add sugar to taste and stir briskly. Then top up the cup with chilled milk.
Steaming hot boost
Steaming hot boost can be taken by adding 2-3 teaspoons (20g) of boost to a cup of hot milk. Add sugar to taste and stir briskly.

Do not use if the pouch inside is damaged or open. Store in a clean and dry place and ensure that the bottle is away from direct sunlight.

Features And Benefits
It is especially beneficial for growing children.
It gives stamina and energy.
It helps children perform better.
It can be taken throughout the day.

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