Bovonto Drink 500 Ml

  • Bovonto , being Tamil Nadu’s favourite drink has established its taste and quality since a very long time. The drink gives a tangy grape cola taste which is slightly carbonated.
  • Unlike other sodas, Bovonto has mild ingredients that makes the drink taste more delicious and less carbonated. Bovonto has set its trademark strongly in South India .
  • Giving a regional taste, the drink goes along with any kind of cuisine making your taste buds linger for more


  • Carbohydrate = 16 Grams
  • Sugar               = 16 Grams
  • Protein            = 0 Grams
  • Fat                    = 0 Grams
  • Energy             = 64 KCal
Weight 0.5 kg

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  1. madavan

    Best Bovonto Drink 500 ml

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