• Battery is not included with this pack and need to purchase extra.You can purchase battery from this link : http://www.amazon.in/12v-Exide-PowerSafe-Battery-Sealed/dp/B00SA1HNZG?_encoding=UTF8&m=AI58A83RKG7ST&portal-device-attributes=desktop&ref_=v_sp_widget_detail_page
  • Electricity Power cuts is the common problem in India. Get this CFL Smart Portable Inverter-45W which you can use to run CFL tubes , LED lights/Bulbs , DC Mini Fan, Portable Speakers. Multi Optional Sockets to charge Mobiles/Tablets/Cordless Phones etc.
  • It’s a moveable easy to carry inverter that gives you light anytime and anywhere you go as It has constant power backup.
  • Easy to carry smart portable inverter very useful product for HOME, OFFICE, SHOP, GODOWN & FOUR WHEELER.
  • All the components used for manufacturing are “MADE IN INDIA”

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Fed up with Electricity Failure, we recommend this product which can atleast solve basic needs ; like use CFL’s/LED bulbs, DC Mini Fan, Mobile/Tablet Charging etc. You can carry this product with you and use it at anywhere you go ; e.g. Home, Shops, Offices, Godowns, Cars, Picnic, Camps etc. This product is really useful which comes within budget & Maintenance Free. 1.Indication : Overload, Charging Blinking, Charging Cut, Low Battery, Main 2.Protection : Low Battery, Over Load, Over Charging, Over Voltage 3. Special feature : Deep discharge battery can be charged 4.Charging Technology : Dynamic and Intelligent three stages that quickly charge the battery reduce electricity bill and increase battery life. 5.Supports :Supports 4 – 10W CFL/LED (Not included), Only one CFL/LED can connect on inbulit holder, rest other needs to be connected with wires/holders. Mobiles/Tablets/Cordless can connect with their chargers. 6. Battery Back up :Usually approx 2-5 hrs (After full charge) 7.Inbuilt : Fuse, 1 x CFL/Bulb Holder, 3 x Two Pin Sockets, Switches, Solar Charging Port, 12V DC Fan Port


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