Libero Pant Diapers Small 4 to 8 kg 48 pieces


Libero Pant Diapers Small 4 to 8 kg, 48 pcs

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Libero Pant Diapers Small 4 to 8 kg, 48 pcs

Every parent wants to give their baby all their love. At Libero, we know that one of the most important tasks of a diapter is to safeguard your babys healthy skin. And Libero does that in a natural, simple way. The new feature-rich Libero Pants Dance Collection provides optimum comfort and care for your baby enabling activity, enjoyment and DANCE!! It comes with below key features: • Perfect Fit : Thanks to the soft elastic materials all around, it fits the babys body perfectly and at the same time offers freedom of movement. • Leakage Protection : The super absorbent 3D core and side barriers offer protection against leaks. • Skin Friendly : With breathable textile-like material and skin friendly natural ingredients, it is comfortable for the baby and promotes good skin health. • Long Lasting Dryness : The absorbing core locks the liwuid in, so the baby stays dry for a long time. • Baby Friendly designs based on Disco theme. • Ideal for baby of 4-8 KG. A product of SCA – designed in Europe.

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