Luminous Eco watt 850 Inverter With ILTJ18030 150 Ah Battery



  • Battery Feature: Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition ensures longer battery service life Tubular plate construction ensures uniform distribution of positive active material for extremely long life and superior performance Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for higher performance and extremely long life Plates designed for improved charge acceptance
  • Inverter Feature: Battery charging commences even at input voltage as low as 110V ACFour selectable charging profiles customized to different battery typesIntelligent thermal management system keeps your system cool and shuts down the system during over temperature conditionNo – load shutdown and auto holiday mode preserves battery charge leading to longer battery life
  • Inverter Dimension: 27.5 X 26.2 X 12 cm, Battery Dimension: 517 x 272 x 288 MM, Backup Time 400 W: 3 hr
  • Battery Dry Weight: 27.7 KG, Filled Weight: 51.6

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Inverter : Eco Watt series is No. 1 selling Home Ups Product for Luminous. It is built with Advanced PCB programming, Microprocessor and FSW Transformer makes it highly efficient Home UPS hence it does not create humming noise, consumes less power and takes higher load. Battery: Model : ILTJ 18030 , Technology: Short Tubular, Replacement warranty :30 months , Inverter support : 600 VA – 10 KVA , Nominal Voltage : 12 Volt Technical details : Dry Weight Filled Weight Overall Dimensions of Containers (mm) Boost Charging Trickle Mode Charging ±5%Kg. ±5%Kg. Length (+/-3) mm Width (+/-3) mm Height (+/-3) mm Starting rate (Amp) Finishing rate (Amp) Min. (mA) Max (mA) 27.8 54.4 517 272 288 15.1 7.6 126 504 For Correct fitment,Pls visit


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