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Meron Spreadable Agar Agar – Wonder Gel 50 (250 Grams)

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This is a Vegetarian product.
Quantity: 250 Grams; Product Type: Wonder Gel , Spreadable Agar Agar
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Ingredient Type: 100% Vegetarian
Item Form: Powder; Container Type: Bottle
Specialty: Fat Free; Use Case: For Cake glazing, Ready-to-drink Beverages,Spreadable Cheese,Stirred Yogurt and Drinking Yogurt, Panna Cotta, Custards, Chocolate Milk

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Agar Agar type Wonder Gel is perfect vegetable substitute to traditional animal gelatin that provides a soft & delicate texture with smooth spreadability & creaminess. It is ideal for vegetarian & vegan diets as it is made from a natural plant-based source.
High versatility in applications such as cake glaze, decorative piping gel, yogurt, soft puddings, creamy custards, etc.
WONDERGEL is easy to use without additional gelling aids, with high water binding capacity and high in dietary fibre. WONDERGEL has excellent synergy with sugar and other hydrocolloids and its low gelling point and easy and rapid dissolution at 70-80oC allows convenient management on industrial production lines. Wonder Gel is a replacement for LMPectin and Iota Carrageenan also.

1 review for Meron Spreadable Agar Agar – Wonder Gel 50 (250 Grams)

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    Best Meron Spreadable Agar Agar – Wonder Gel 50 (250 Grams)

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