Microteck Heritage Gold 625 VA UPS Inverter Power Protection



  • Excellent Voltage Regulation
  • No Load Shutdown
  • Sinewave Inverter/Generator Compatible
  • Fast Battery Charging
  • Battery Deep Discharge/Over Charge Protection

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Technical Specifications Model- Heritage Gold Input- Range/ Frequency(50Hz±5%):145~300V AC Output – Voltage/ Transfer time Regulator on Mains / Regulator on Battery – 230V±9% AC/ <6ms Automatic Voltage Regulation/Pluse Width Modulation Protection Unit Input / Noise Short Circuit (Line) / Short circuit Inverter – Fuse Protection/Noise Filter Fuse Protection/Pulse to Pulase Electronic active Protection Battery Type /Recharge Time – SMF/2~8Hrs.(depending on the status of battery) Backup Time / Battery Rating – 10~20 Min.(1PC)/12V,7.2AH Alarm – Battery Backup(Sound Beeping) Battery Low – per 8 sec.(Approx.) Sound beeping long LED Display Green Red : Mains mode operation/AVR Working Inverter output from battery Physical Size(L*W*H) Weight (Approx.) : (300*90*145)mm Heritage Gold : 6kg. Environment Operating Temperature / Rel. Humidity : 0°C-48°C;32°F-120°F/0 to 90% non-condensing Noise Audible Noise Level : <35dB, distance 1 meter from UPS NOTE : Above specification are measured under computer lead. *Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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