Nutty Gritties Regular Almond (Badam) 900 gm


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  • Nutty Gritties
  • Type:Almond (Badam)
  • Preparation:Regular
  • Food Preference:Vegetarian
  • Speciality/Feature:Cholesterol Free
  • Country of Origin:USA

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Nutty Gritties Regular Almond (Badam) 900 gm

Nutty Gritties Almonds bring forth amazing effects as they give a wholesome nourishment to your body. These are naturally enriched almonds that provide instant energy. Containing improved properties of protein, vitamin E and fibre, the Nutty Gritties almonds provide proper nutrition to the muscles and bones. Apart from acting as an effective energy booster, the energy rich almonds can also be enjoyable as a savoury snack and they can even make a stylish topping on salads. So bring home Nutty Gritties Almonds today and boost your body strength and energy.

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