Pigeon Children Tooth Paste Natural Orange Flavor 45 gm

The increasing consumption of various kinds of junk food by children these days has made teeth infections commonplace amongst children at an early age. This has made dental protection one of the topmost concerns of parents and hence the selection of toothpaste is crucial in ensuring that a child develops the habit of brushing regularly and Pigeon toothpaste is one of the most trusted names amongst all. The paste not only prevents tooth decay but also ensures healthy gums of children in age group of 1-6 years. It is unique because it contains a foaming agent, which is harmless for children if swallowed. This is especially helpful because most toddlers are not able to master the technique of spitting by this age and some paste might be ingested. The taste is light and refreshing in a number of flavors, which can help kids develop a liking towards it helping in ensuring that they brush regularly and properly. Contains components like Calcium Phosphate and Glycerin helping in formation of bones of toddlers, Prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gum

Weight 4.5 kg


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