Samsung LS22F380HY/XL 21.5-inch LED Night View Monitor (Black)


$ 156.00

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Input: D-Sub and HDMI
  • 5ms response time
  • Mega dynamic contrast ratio
  • Colour support: 16.7M

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Samsung LS22F380HY/XL 21.5-inch LED Night View Monitor (Black)

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Non-disruptive lighting enables comfortable use at night, even in close quarters

A built-in, adjustable LED light allows users to work efficiently in low-lit environments by illuminating one’s workspace and keyboard without disrupting others nearby. Likewise, the Hot Key makes it easy to adjust the LED light and screen brightness level for optimal viewing in the dark while reducing eye strain.

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Save energy and the environment with this environmental friendly monitor

Eco Saving Plus: Eco-saving technology reduces screen brightness for increased energy efficiency. In addition to the two standard manual settings (Minimum at 25% and Maximum at 50%), there is now a brand new Auto Setting that reduces energy up about 10%*, based on the luminescence of the screen’s black sections. The screen brightness transitions fluidly while simultaneously saving energy.

PVC Free: Monitor mechanisms and circuits are constructed without PVC** making for an environmental friendly device, lessening environmental impact. * Based on internal testing ** Some cabling contains PVC.

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Advanced display for an enhanced gaming experience

Game Mode enhances images in dynamic changes in scenes, adjusting contrast to display a more visually rich gaming experience. Dark colours look darker while light colours appear lighter, bringing all the action to life in cinematic colour to generate a more engaging gaming experience.

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