Tim Tim California Regular Almond (Badam) 1 kg

Almonds have been prized since ancient times as one of humankind’s most beloved nuts. They were popular in the diets of ancient Egyptians and Indian populations. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioners even believed that almonds were capable of increasing brain capacity, intellectual ability and longevity. Today, almonds nutrition benefits are praised around the world, and they are used in numerous different ways: eaten raw as a healthy snack; as the base ingredient in almond butter, almond milk or almond flour; and even in many body lotions and fragrances. Almonds Nutrition: The Facts Behind the Benefits ¼ cup of almonds nutrition provides about: 207 calories 5 grams of protein 5 grams fiber 7 grams of carbohydrates 5 grams of sugar 16 milligrams vitamin E (61 percent DV) 0.4 milligrams riboflavin (44 percent DV) 0.8 milligrams manganese (44 percent DV) 97 milligrams magnesium (36 percent DV) 172 milligrams phosphorus (29 percent DV) 96 milligrams calcium (9.5 percent DV) 33 milligrams iron (4 percent DV) Help Prevent Heart Disease and Heart Attacks Support Healthy Brain Function Maintain Skin Health Help Control Blood Sugar Levels and Prevent Diabetes Help With Weight Loss and Prevent Overeating Increase Nutrient Absorption Increase Digestive Health Help Maintain Dental and Bone Health

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