Amul Kool Rose 200 Ml Bottle

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Amul Kool Rose 200 Ml Bottle

Product description

  • Amul Kool Rose is refreshing milk with flavor of Rose.
  • It is an easy to use delicious drink that refreshes you immediately with goodness of milk.
  • Available in easy to use Glass Bottles .

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Amul Kool Rose 200 Ml Bottle

  • Sterilized
  • Homogenized
  • Flavored double toned milk
  • Rose flavour
Composition Sterilized Homogenized Flavored Toned Milk & Sugar
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal 89
Energy from Fat, kcal 28
Total Fat, g 3.1
Saturated fat,g 1.9
Cholesterol, mg 8.3
Sodium, mg 50
Total Carbohydrate, g 12
Added Sugar, g 8
Protein, g 3.2
Not a significant source of Dietary fiber, Vitamin C and Iron.
*Approx. values
Shelf Life 180 days when stored in cool and dry place
Storage condition Ambient

Additional information

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2 reviews for Amul Kool Rose 200 Ml Bottle

  1. inbarasif2010

    Amul Kool – Rose, 200 ml Pet Beverages, Fruit Drinks & Juice, Grocery, Soft Drinks is the best product

  2. Ramya Theagarajan

    Amul Kool – Rose, 200 ml Pet
    Good product highly recommended during summer.

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