Avt Premium Rich Coffee Chicory Blend 200 Grams

Founded in 1925 as a plantation company, AVT (A. V. Thomas Group) is a family owned, a professionally managed group of companies with its headquarters in Chennai, India. In 1925, a young Indian entrepreneur, Alfred Vedam Thomas, bought 100 hectares of grassland in Pasuparai, Tamil Nadu, considered completely unsuitable to grow tea. At a time when plantations were strictly under the jurisdiction of the British, A.V. Thomas went on to not only transform Pasuparai into one of the highest yielding tea plantations in the nation but also to become the first Indian to own a plantation company. Thus the AVT Group was born.
A full bodied, strong and aromatic roast & ground blend of 53% coffee and 47% chicory, AVT Premium Coffee uses only the finest Robusta and Arabica beans, to create a deliciously thick cup of brew just like your favourite filter coffee. The Complete Filter Coffee Experience.

How To Use

Fill the mug with water, stir and add milk and sweetener to taste.

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