Be the man no woman can resist. A man whose fragrance is laced with an air of sophistication and sensual masculinity. A man whose very aura sparks an irresistible desire, on those around him. The man who is forever wrapped in the scintillating fragrance of coconut, hazelnut and caramel. To say the least, Axe Provoke is the perfect way to catch her eye. Sensuality and the true essence of seduction comes with Axe Provoke Deodorant Bodyspray. Check out this bodyspray that will knock you off of your feet with its unique brand of freshness and the love appeal of a warm seductive base of combined blends. It gives you the kind of lasting fragrance that only Axes master perfumers can formulate. It has been exclusively crafted with the extracts that will wrap you in a rich and intoxicating perfume all day. We pride ourselves as the creators of irresistible fragrances. Fragrances that not only smell good but also keep you fresh, clean and confident. This range of deodorants provide longer lasting protection that goes on from party, to after party, to after the after party. Dont wait any longer to buy this! Features & Benefits- Fragrance notes – coconut, marshmallow, hazelnut and caramel Express sophistication and sensual masculinity Long-lasting fragrance Effective deodorant protection Provoke the spark of desire with this irresistible fragrance from Axe that helps you get the attention of the opposite sex & keeps perspiration & body odor at bay. • Express sophistication & sensual masculinity. For the man who is a perfect blend of sophistication & subtle sensual masculinity, this Axe Deodorant Spray complements his personality. • Fragrance notes – coconut, marshmallow, hazelnut, & caramel. Get wrapped in the irresistible & tempting fragrance of this Axe Deodorant that includes notes of coconut, marshmallow, hazelnut, & caramel. • Long-lasting fragrance. The scent is sure to last on your body for longer hours. • Effective deodorant protection. With complete protection from sweat & body odor, this axe deodorant is a winner. Safe on skin. Keeps body odour away    Keeps you fresh and clean Long-lasting Protection

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