Karunjeerakam/Kalonji 50 gm Pouch

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Karunjeerakam/Kalonji  50 gm Pouch

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Karunjeerakam/Kalonji  50 gm Pouch

The Kalonji is known for its excellent healing benefits and prevents risks of diabetes. It is also used for reducing toothache, eczema and dandruff Kalonji helps to improve a weakened immunity system and fights infections and diseases. Kalonji can be mixed with honey and used as an effective remedy for asthma too.

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1 review for Karunjeerakam/Kalonji 50 gm Pouch

  1. inbarasif2010

    Karunjeerakam/Kalonji 50 gm Pouch it is a very good product and amazing services

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