Tropicana Frutz Lychee 350 Ml

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Tropicana Frutz Lychee 350 Ml

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All new Tropicana frutz a fruit drink offering the best of fruits to recharge and uplift your day with a burst of freshness. Nurtured under the fruitful tree of Tropicana it is your perfect on the go companion with an exciting range of three fresh flavours. Lychee blush every sip of this luscious fruit drink leaves you with a burst of refreshing lychee flavour.

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Tropicana Frutz Lychee 350 Ml

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Enjoy the new Tropicana frutz litchi beverage
  • From the makers of the world’s no 1 juice brand
  • Delicious fruit refreshment with no artificial flavours
  • Savour the smooth and sweet taste of Litchi with the Tropicana Juice. Rich in natural nutrients that provide daily health benefits and with no added preservatives and artificial coloring, this is the perfect fruit beverage to have for refreshment after a long tiring day or after a busy day in the scorching heat.
  • It can be consumed at anytime of the day and anywhere and is widely loved by the people of all ages. Tropicana was launched in 1947 to deliver the consumers with an exciting and enchanting taste of the fruits packed in the drinks form.
  • Since then, Tropicana made an household name in the field of beverages and is still preferred among the consumers. Currently, the company is owned by PepsiCo and the products are distributed worldwide.

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2 reviews for Tropicana Frutz Lychee 350 Ml

  1. inbarasif2010

    Tropicana Frutz – Lychee, 350 ml Beverages, Fruit Drinks & Juice, Grocery, Soft Drinks is tehe best product

  2. Ramya Theagarajan

    Tropicana Frutz – Lychee, 350 ml
    I luv the flavour..its very refreshing….i daily drink this after returning frm college

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