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In case you will keep only a solitary kind and brand of flour in your wash room—our unbleached universally handy (customary, or natural) is it. Heat everything from high-rising yeast breads to flaky pie covering to treats—crunchy OR chewy. This flour does everything.

While you wouldn’t utilize bread flour for pie hull, or cake flour for yeast bread, you can unhesitatingly utilize universally handy flour, with its direct protein level, in each and every formula you heat. Here’s a formula for blueberry biscuits or look at this formula for buttermilk hotcakes, that utilization universally handy flour!


For exemplary strong entire wheat enhance, with all the nutritious advantages of an entire grain flour, our Premium entire wheat flour—America’s best offering entire wheat flour—essentially can’t be beat.

This flour, in both consistent and natural forms, is perfect for every one of your formulas calling for entire wheat. For the individuals who grasp entire wheat, with its rich flavor and dim shading, this flour is the ideal decision.


Heat the most noteworthy rising yeast breads ever with a flour processed solely for yeast preparing: our unbleached bread flours, both customary and natural. Higher-protein bread flour enables all portions—from delicate white sandwich to bread to entire grain portions—rise their most elevated.

At the point when might you pick bread flour rather than universally handy? At the point when your formula calls for it; or on the off chance that you like chewier pizza outside and bagels; or when you’re preparing entire grain portions that need a lift. Bread flour is ideal for any sort of yeast heating; please save it for that reason.


Our self-rising flour offers both quality and comfort in one convenient bundle. Southern dough punchers have depended on self-rising flour for quite a long time for their scones, hotcakes, cakes, treats, biscuits, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Presently, King Arthur offers our own best quality self-rising flour to bread cooks across the country. Need to figure out how to influence your own self-raising to flour? Snap here for the formula!

Why utilize self-rising flour, rather than universally handy? Self-rising flour is processed from milder, bring down protein wheat, influencing it to ideal for delicate heated products. Furthermore, it as of now incorporates both preparing powder and salt, sparing you the progression of including those fixings in a considerable lot of your most loved formulas. Here’s a formula for Australian pumpkin scones that utilizations self-rising flour!


Our unbleached cake flour—the main unbleached cake flour available—prepares a clammy, delicate, high-rising cake with medium-fine morsel. The best part? No undesirable synthetic substances, similar to peroxide or blanch. Here’s an apple caramel cake formula that would very much want unbleached cake flour! Gourmet expert Edward additionally has some delicious gets ready for this cake flour; look at this post about his acclaimed pecan treats!

Why pick unbleached cake flour, rather than generally useful? Cake flour yields cakes with fine surface, and a delicate piece. When you’re preparing an exemplary brilliant layer cake, blessed messenger sustenance, a chocolate wedding cake, or any cake where delicacy and delicacy are prime characteristics, utilize cake flour.

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